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Our Nonprofit & Government supporters know the satisfaction of being part of a movement of Mainers who want to protect the things that are special about Maine, while growing sustainable prosperity for all parts of the state. With your help, we are working on the ground in communities around the state to build a network of engaged individuals, organizations and businesses that are shaping Maine's future.

Values of your financial support to GrowSmart Maine include:

  • Advocating for comprehensive policies and funding for smart growth outcomes;
  • Demonstrating your commitment to Maine's unique quality of place;
  • Enhancing your reputation by aligning with Maine's statewide smart growth organization;
  • Contributing your expertise and experience while connecting with peers; and
  • Learning from smart growth allies and experts outside of your usual work sphere.

Become a Member or Make a Donation at the level that makes sense for you, based on the value GrowSmart Maine brings to you, your organization, and your sector.

If you are interested in a monthly giving option, please visit our GiveSmart to GrowSmart page for easy set-up. 

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GrowSmart Maine

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Who's donating

Kevin Jensen
Lincoln County Regional Planning Commission
Elena Piekut
Town of Gray
Martin Szydlowski
Jenn Peters
Town of Old Orchard Beach
Northern Maine Development Commission
Sunrise County Economic Council
Contributions are tax deductible.